Vision / Action / Change

Communities at every scale, from neighborhoods to college campuses, seek to respond to evolving social, economic and environmental conditions. Master plans are the guides for this evolution. At Grimm + Parker, we seek planning solutions that respect and reflect the unique essence of each place while offering a roadmap for sustainable growth.

Working collaboratively with our clients and their stakeholders, we help communities transform themselves with plans that give form to vision; inspire action and the momentum to stay the course; and offer an achievable framework for positive change.


We focus on building and rebuilding the physical community fabric to create safe, walkable environments that offer diverse, high quality and affordable housing choices; shared public amenities; and improved services and infrastructure to support an engaged and sustainable way of life.

  • New housing master plans addressing community needs and the vision of our clients
  • New mixed-use neighborhoods that support rich and diverse lifestyles built on smart growth principles
  • Neighborhood revitalization bringing recognition, dignity and new life to every community through quality architecture and urban design


Thriving campuses foster physical connectivity and human interaction – nurturing learning and innovation.  College students expect and deserve a memorable campus experience with a unique sense of place.  We understand learning happens everywhere and take a “learning landscape” approach to campus planning, using buildings and the spaces between them as opportunities for meaningful engagement among students, faculty and staff.

  • Campus master plans and master plan updates that support the institutional mission and vision through growth and change in the physical environment
  • Precinct and sector plans that address improving or reimagining a smaller portion of the campus in response to specific facility or programmatic needs