Contributing to happiness and wellbeing.

You experience a building from the outside for several minutes when you enter, walk by or drive past it in your community. However, you spend several hours or perhaps the majority of your day experiencing the interior of a building, the rooms, the daylighting, the materials and finishes that you walk on and touch.

Interior design plays a critical and important role in everyday life. The need for functional, healthy, and attractive building interiors is increasing as people have come to expect the very best facilities and spaces in their communities. Interior design always needs to be functional and safe.  Our goal is to also make it inspiring and memorable!

We work closely with our clients to understand their vision, dreams, and concerns, creating the very best interiors that respond to specific needs. We select functional and attractive materials – textures, flooring, lighting, paint colors and furniture. Each room requires specific knowledge about how the space can be used effectively. We pay attention to details and consider what people of all ages need to be physically and emotionally comfortable in public buildings – from their thermal comfort to the furniture they will sit at or play on at for hours.

We share our years of experience and expertise and take our clients through a collaborative process that leads to delightful and inspiring interior design. We bring new ideas, techniques and approaches and make the interior design process fun and engaging.  During the interior design process we:

  • Meet periodically with clients to envision and develop and outstanding interior design for the project
  • Discuss interior design solutions and discuss a variety of materials and finishes, furniture types and sizes
  • Prepare a list of materials and finishes to be included in the building construction
  • Coordinate interior design, color scheme, finishes and furniture
  • Prepare a list furniture selections to be purchased by the client and review furniture budget

We’re excited to work with you to create inspiring interior design solutions – bringing your project to life and going beyond the expectations of your community.