Our clients say:

  • We listen
  • We add value
  • We solve and anticipate problems
  • We plan for the unknown
  • We inspire them to see possibilities
  • They have fun working with us

Our clients and their communities are essential partners in the design process. We collaborate closely with all stakeholders to achieve a unique vision for every project, working together to reveal and reconcile key expectations and constraints. We work in committed project teams, staying connected with our clients and their vision. From the first concept sketch until long after your project is complete, we stay engaged.

  • We identify facts – research, program development
  • We recognize and honor values – community meetings, charettes, surveys
  • We align facts and values for success through a collaborative design process

By providing value-driven results on every project, we ensure success in measurable terms: first cost, life-cycle cost, profit, efficiency, sustainability, enhanced learning and productivity, improved wellness, and more comfortable living.

We strive for meaningful, beautiful design that enriches our communities on many levels, and we recognize many “clients” – from the owner, to the users, to the people who maintain the buildings.  Over four decades of practice, we have learned how to find the poetry of place, express shared memories and aspirations, celebrate our shared humanity, and connect the past and present with a sustainable future.

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