Northern Virginia Community College Loudoun Satellite Center

  • New Satellite Campus
  • 30 Acres | 300,000 gsf
  • Justified by Demographic, Market and Space Utilization Analysis

Supporting Growth and Economic Development

The Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) identified an opportunity to better carry out its mission and better serve Loudoun County by developing a satellite to its existing Sterling campus. This plan explored the feasibility of a new satellite campus justified by demographics, market and programming demand, and tested with a campus planning strategy to meet those demands.

Loudoun County continues to experience rapid growth in population and workforce needs, particularly in the region west of Dulles Airport. In response, NVCC has considered several development initiatives to meet an expanding demand for access to higher education. G+P led a collaborative planning study for one such initiative, incorporating input from VCCS, NVCC, local government, business leadership and community stakeholders. The study included demographic analysis, market and workforce demand, and space utilization to model enrollment projections which were translated into space demand. The study concluded that the incremental development of a campus offering approximately 300,000 sf of program space was justified, with the associated parking for a commuter campus. This data was used to analyze and test optional site locations.

Beyond accommodating the program, the College vision for the campus is that of an inviting community presence which responds to expectations for a more complete collegiate experience among users. Planning provides an a tool for phased, long-term, development consistent with reasonable projections. As a commuter campus, the automobile is accommodated in a graceful and safe manner with a priority placed on the pedestrian experience once the car is parked. Vehicular movements and parking are subordinated to the relationships among buildings and the creation of a legible, memorable, and unified pedestrian experience.

With these principles as a guide, campus planning scenarios were explored and evaluated, providing the College with benchmark data and planning guidelines that will support ongoing efforts to accomplish its mission in a growing service area.