Lois Hornsby Middle School

Williamsburg, VA Completed 2010
Project Highlights
  • Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools
  • 145,500 sf, 800 students
  • Prototype Design
  • New Construction
  • 2011 Gold Design Award, VSBA Exhibition of School Architecture

Sharing for success.

A shared campus between an elementary and middle school might seem daunting to school administrators, but at Lois Hornsby Middle School, and its campus buddy J. Blaine Blayton Elementary School, the results have been successful. Not only do these two schools share facilities amongst each other, they are also shared with the greater Williamsburg community.

The shared site concept is new for the school district, so G+P worked with administrators and stakeholders to ensure all concerns, such as student safety and the scheduling of facility use, were addressed. The two schools function independently from each other and other community resources, but they share a few key features: the auditorium (located in Hornsby), the outdoor learning environment by the pond, and the gymnasiums and ball fields. Interaction between the elementary and middle school students is limited and well supervised.

Hornsby itself is designed to reflect a team grouping philosophy by grade. This philosophy, reinforced through the modified prototype design, allows students greater independence but still provides a structure for their daily learning activities. Teachers have centrally placed planning areas on each floor to supervise students.