Frederick Community College - Braddock Hall

Frederick, MD Completed 2015
Project Highlights
  • Frederick Community College
  • 30,343 sf
  • Renovation
  • Outdoor classroom
  • Adaptive learning spaces

From circulation space to destination place

One of Frederick Community College’s (FCC’s) three original academic buildings, Braddock Hall underwent several incremental renovations before this re-envisioning with a clear goal: to act as the hub for the STEM and Mathematics departments.

Formerly designed for control and structure, Braddock has evolved into an agile, adaptive learning space to meet the needs of its learners in real time, where learning can occur anywhere and be driven by anyone. What was once a place used only for discrete classes, has become a welcoming area to linger in and engage with.

As students move through the corridors they pass informal breakout spaces, welcoming both study and relaxation. Braddock’s common areas, as well as its classrooms, are filled with potential learning surfaces—traditional dry erase and chalkboards as well as writeable surface reconfigurable glass walls generating energy and excitement. At the building’s heart is the Student Learning Center, the open hub of the Mathematics Department with sliding glass walls that can connect the space to programming at the nearby tutoring center, testing center, computer lab, and the new general use classrooms which have been refitted for maximum flexibility, adjusting the layout so that any area can transform to the front of the class.

Just outside, the previously nondescript quadrangle has been transformed into an inviting outdoor classroom. Formerly, the quad was simply an area to pass through on the way to a building. Now it is a focal point, giving purpose to an otherwise overlooked space and moving scholarship onto the campus green.

Braddock Halls’ reconfiguration has transformed classroom learning into a communal experience that uses the walls as a means of transportation rather than restriction; opening the classroom into the corridors; and bringing knowledge into social spaces and the campus at large.