Fort Worthington Elementary/Middle School

Baltimore, MD
Project Highlights
  • Baltimore City Public Schools / Maryland Stadium Authority
  • New Construction
  • 102,000 sf
  • LEED Gold

Permeating a proud spirit.

On opening day, the crowd at the new Fort Worthington Elementary/Middle School spread into the streets of the adjacent residences, a charming metaphor for a school which will extend itself to the neighborhood after hours through its community wing. As the first school to open under Baltimore’s 21st Century Schools Plan, an initiative which replaces aging schools throughout the city, generations of alumni were present to show their support. Sounds of joy and excitement echoed throughout the halls as now mature graduates were reunited with old childhood friends, while others marveled at the new school with their children remembering experiences they had when they attended.

This proud spirit permeates the new facility. Designed as a space for scholars, the school prioritizes collaborative zones for student-centered learning. It’s proven that children learn best by doing, and as a project-based school, Fort Worthington provides the tools for students to do just that. The new technology lab is complete with fabrication equipment such as 3D printers and CNC machines. Additionally, the visual arts studio contains a kiln room. Each classroom has a Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) which brings in semi conditioned fresh air into the space. The community was an active participant in some of the key design features of the school particularly in dual-use recreation areas. The school’s state-of-the-art gymnasium doubles as a roller skating rink through the incorporation of special synthetic athletic flooring. Other aspects that stem from active community engagement include an outdoor walking track, and multi-game basketball courts.

The best way to summarize the community’s excitement about Fort Worthington Elementary/Middle School came from one beaming 5th grader, “This building is… Awesome.