College of Southern Maryland, Prince Frederick Campus

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A Commuter Campus with Pedestrian Priorities.

The College of Southern Maryland’s (CSM) Prince Frederick Campus is nestled in a small rural community between the Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay. Grimm + Parker led the development and planning of the five-phase, multi-year masterplan on this lush 75-acre site. It is a commuter campus, planned to establish a landmark presence for the College in a new location, improve access for a large service area, and provide a quality collegiate experience for users.

At the campus core buildings are organized around a quadrangle, the quad opens to a major vehicular artery creating a forecourt lawn for the first “flagship building” to be constructed in the plan. The plan organization provides options for the incremental design and construction of a variety of building sizes and heights, giving the college maximum flexibility in their long-range capital planning. When fully implemented, the result will be a pedestrian focused, collegiate environment creating an “outdoor room” modeled after classic campus planning precedents. Vehicular access, parking and pedestrian movements were choreographed to create a clear and memorable approach, and inviting, safe access for pedestrians to the academic core.

The campus currently houses two buildings, both designed by G+P. Completed in 2005, The Flagship Building (Building A) is a 56,000 sf facility offering 15 classrooms, six computer labs, a library, administration offices, a bookstore and testing center.

The newest building, completed in 2013, is the College of Southern Maryland’s first LEED certified building. Simply known as Building B, this two-story 30,000 sf multi-function academic building begins to define the space of the quadrangle and maintains pedestrian priorities.