From Icon to Iconographic: The Re-invention of a Landmark

Timing is everything. David Stembel III, Principal and Director of Housing and Urban Design and Antonio Rebelo, Vice President, Director of Design, have been talking for quite some time about the future of RFK and its surrounding site when an article in the WashingtonianWhat Should We Do with the RFK Site? It Matters More Than You Think propelled us to share our ideas on the subject. We agreed with the author, Dan Reed, that the site of RFK Stadium is one of the City’s few remaining opportunities for smart redevelopment. In fact, the area of the Stadium is much more than just a site for redevelopment, the structure itself is an icon of the City and should be saved through adaptive reuse as the center piece of the redevelopment of the area along the Anacostia River on axis with the U.S. Capitol Building.

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